Why Choose Us?

We have been hand-dipping our chocolates since the beginning to today, making us one of the largest handmade confectioners in the nation.

Our exclusive blend of chocolate, Menehune Milk Chocolate, is produced by the Guittard Chocolate Company in San Francisco. We use 100% Hawaiian macadamia nuts from Kona, Hawaii, and dry-roast them to perfection. We carefully hand select each nut to assure only the finest are used in our products.

The products featured in our factory gift center and online store are members of the Hawaii Food Manufacturers Association. This ensures the products are made fresh...in Hawaii.

About Us

Menehune Mac

Menehune Mac was founded in 1939. We are the oldest existing manufacturer of Macadamia nut candies in Hawaii. Our mission is to produce the finest quality confections and provide quality customer service to our clients around the world.

What is a Menehune?

Menehune are playful elves that work-hard and strives for perfection. According to legend, the menehune worked secretly at night so as not to be seen by others. Their handy work can be seen throughout the island of Kauai and is rumored to still be in existence today.

We have a faithful crew of menehune working in our factory. This ensures that our confections will always be...

Made by the little people with the BIG hearts.

Our Factory Gift Center

We offer ample, free parking just off of Waiakamilo Road.  

 707A Waiakamilo Road, Honolulu, Hawaii 96817 USA

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