Taro Chips (620)

The Hawaiian Chip Company makes these chips fresh with Hawaiian taro,  local purple sweet potatoes  and sweet Molokai gold  potatoes.  Net Weight: 4oz (114grams)
Taro and sweet potato chips are great for people who need gluten-free snacks.
Use them as a base for: Spicy Ahi, Hot Crab Dip, Shredded Kalua Pig or Pulled Pork, Ranch Dressing...
The Original Flavor Taro Chip is cooked to perfection and lightly salted, yielding a scrumptious snack with a brilliant taste and texture synonymous with Hawaii.



The Zesty Garlic Flavor Taro Chips possess a mouth-watering blend of garlic, onion, salt, jalapeno, and a variety of savory seasonings for a mild spice and a ton of flavor.

ORIGINAL MIX Our Original Sweet Potato and Taro Chips mixed together with a touch of salt to yield a colorfully delicious blend of flavors.















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Taro Chips

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